Looking For The Piano Movers In CT?

piano movers ct, not only a musician’s organ. Life in Connecticut is lavish because of the high-income rate and employment facilities available here. Most families have these heavy items in their homes like grandfather’s clocks and pianos as their family heirlooms making them more valuable.

Pianos are not just a piece of furniture. They carry family memories, traditions, and history within their sweet melodies. A piano is a heavy musical instrument having delicate strings and a harp covered inside a grand wooden box with the keys visible.

When making a move, no one wants to leave their piano behind just because they are too heavy to move. Luckily, Wakz Fast Moving Company has the most proficient piano movers to do the job for you! No matter if you want us to move your piano downstairs in another room, from an apartment, or to another house, we can do it all.

piano movers Connecticut

Can You Move Piano Yourself?

Before you plan to move your giant piano all by yourself, know that a standard-sized piano can weigh between 300-400 pounds. Larger pianos are heavier, up to 1000 pounds. Weight is the first factor that makes piano moving so tricky. Secondly, because pianos come in odd shapes and sizes, making it hard to navigate them through narrow spaces without any damage. Our piano movers CT are rigorously trained for teamwork and weightlifting, which helps them carry and move any piano with ease.

Professional piano Movers New Haven ct

Piano moving requires specialized skill and training, and our movers excel in it. Because these musical organs are heavy and expensive, you need someone to move them without any damage. Wakz piano movers ct come fully prepared with all the tools and use industry-leading techniques for the relocation. First, We’ll check if the piano is upright or grand. Depending on the type of piano, we’ll secure the keys with tape and disassemble the legs and pedal. By guarding the sides and top of the piano by wrapping it in a blanket, our movers will lift it with the help of a dolly and transfer it to the truck.

Is Piano Moving Expensive?

Most of the homeowners prefer to save some extra bucks by moving their pianos by themselves. However, when you do it yourself, you are adding to the hassle along with the cost. Firstly, professional movers will come prepared with all the equipment needed to disassemble the parts, wrap the piano, and tie it properly. You’ll have to buy all the stuff beforehand that will cost you even more than paying for the service. Secondly, pianos are extremely heavy so you’ll have to gather extra help. So, it is better to give your back some rest and let experts do the work the right way! At Wakz we provide piano mover service in new haven ct, we have hired the most dedicated movers to provide you with piano moving at the best rates.

Can Regular Movers Move Your Piano and Why Us?

Regular home movers and piano movers are trained differently. A piano mover can help you make any move because they are accustomed to lift heavyweight and manage to navigate even the largest items without a single crack. However, you need to hire professionals with proper know-how of the anatomy of pianos for optimal results. We have a team of highly talented piano movers who have been relocating your pianos for years. Trust us with family treasure, and we’ll move it safely.

Why Hire Our Piano Movers

We understand that you are concerned about the safety of your piano when calling us. We promise that we’ll move your piano without a single scratch on it. Here are some of the major reasons why you should hire us:

 Fast and efficient services including

  • Always punctual
  • Experienced in piano moving
  • Licensed and insured piano movers
  • Screened and background checked
  • Free estimates
  • A diverse range of services
  • Hassle-free piano moving
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction
  • Cutting-edge techniques

Remember, we are just a call away to give you hassle-free piano moving services. Dial (203)298-2297 and get a free calculated estimate.