Your Piano Is In Safe Hands With The Best Piano Movers In NYC

Pianos are delicate instruments that need a lot of care while moving or relocating. Not only that, these musical instruments can give you a hard time because of their grand size and hefty weight. People who like to keep more than just the usual furniture mostly find themselves in a fix when moving their homes. NYC is a densely populated metropolitan city where life is more urban with many technological advancements and modernistic entertainment. Seeing antiques like grand pianos or grandfather’s clocks seems rare, but people here still have a taste for art. 

Life is busy in New York, and people keep moving from one place to another in search of better opportunities. A single guy living in a co-op or condo will look up to move to an apartment. On the other hand, families living in small apartments will search for better options like the brownstone houses of Brooklyn. If you are among these people and have a piano you don’t want to leave behind, Wakz Fast Moving Company is your go-to solution. 

‘When you own a piano, it’s harder to think about moving!’ Stephen King probably didn’t know about us when he said that. Trust us; no piano is too heavy for us to move. Just give us a call, and we’ll move your piano seamlessly. 

How We Professionally Move Your Piano?

We understand that pianos are large instruments that can get damaged if not moved carefully. That is why, our movers come fully prepared with all the equipment. We’ll move your piano scratch-free by covering it in blankets and proper padding for the corners. We have wheeled truck dollies and straps to move the piano easily through the staircase and narrow hallways. 

Don’t break your back by trying to move this giant by yourself when you have us a call away! We are the NYC piano movers skilled in relocating any size and type of pianos. Whether you have a spinet, console, upright, or studio piano, we know the trick to move them hassle-free.

Piano Removal 

If you have an old piano that is just taking up a lot of space in your house, our local piano movers can help you remove it. Whether you want to dispose of your piano or give it to any organization as a donation, Wakz Fast Moving Company is the one to contact. We are the experts of piano removal near you!

Piano Storage

When looking for a suitable piano storage option, you need to ensure that the storage area is not humid or too cold. Also, pianos need to be stored at a distance from the walls to reduce the chances of damage. The storage area should have proper climate control and protection against pests and insects. Luckily, you can get all these faculties if you call us to store your piano. We ensure that your piano will be kept fully covered in plastic so that no dirt or dust can reach it.

How To Find The Best Professional Piano Movers New York

Let’s face the fact that pianos aren’t built for an easy move. They are heavy, huge, and made of iron plates, metal wires, and dense wood material. Being weighty yet delicate, pianos are also costly to move. For that, you need to research well before hiring piano movers in New York. 

If you know anyone who has recently moved their piano, ask them for referrals. Take a look at the services they are offering. Most moving companies are now offering long-distance piano moving, piano removal, and piano storage services. Check their credentials, and don’t forget to ask for a written quote. 

Call us today at (203)298-2297, and we’ll offer you Remember, we are just a call away to give you hassle-free commercial movers in nyc. Dial (203)298-2297 and get a free calculated estimate. a free moving quote